ARCHIVES: Storygridding The Tipping Point

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Malcolm Gladwell, back in 1998, faced the same writing dilemma we do today–having “easy” access to the nuts and bolts of book publishing, but struggling with whether we’re good enough to make use of the opportunity. As he sat down to the pile of rough “Tipping Point” book materials on his desk that would be […]

When contemplating a writing project, let just one question guide you: What’s at stake? Not just what’s at stake in the Story—if it’s not earth shaking, find another one to tell—but what’s at stake for you personally. If you could skip the project and forget about it the next day, it’s not one to devote […]

Let’s pretend you’re Malcolm Gladwell. It’s midish-1998.  Google won’t start up until September.  Facebook is more than five years away.  The Kindle launch is almost ten years away and not one publisher sees eBooks as a viable product. In August, publicly acknowledges that it plans to sell more than just books and CDs. Everything […]

While I’m in the lab finishing up and testing my Story Grid Spreadsheet for The Tipping Point over the next couple of weeks, it’s a good time to focus on process. What actually happens when we take on a project and work it until completion? Is there a universal experience of sorts that anyone who […]

My last post, Hitting the Wall, struck a chord with a number of readers and I’ve received a lot of incisive comments about my views on the Five Commandments of Storytelling and their application to Big Idea Nonfiction. So first of all, I have to thank everyone who took the time to go down that […]